PACCC is an independent Council of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA) that administers and maintains the Physician Assistant (PA) certification process. This includes the PA Entry to practice certification examination (PA Cert Exam), written upon the successful completion of a Canadian PA program recognized by the Physician Assistant Certification Council of Canada (PACCC). The PA Cert Exam is administered independently of any training facility to ensure that the PA meets the standard set out in the EPA-PA for the Physician Assistant profession. PACCC aims to reassure the public that there is a national standard of care from PA providers who successfully complete the PA Cert Exam.

PACCC will include a minimum of two certified physician assistants and representatives from the following categories:

  • Physician
  • Regulator
  • Allied Health professional
  • Educator
  • Consumer
  • Chair, Test Committee
  • Chair, CPD Committee

Mission Statement

To be the national body that safeguards professional standards and promotes lifelong learning of the Physician Assistant by responding to the evolving needs of patients, government, regulators and national associations.

Vision Statement

Constructing the Canadian standards to deliver on the promise of a competent, caring and responsible Physician Assistant.


As individuals and as a Council, we value:

  • The health of individuals and the Canadian population
  • Having healthy care providers
  • Quality patient care that focuses on needs and values of patients
  • Collaboration with other health professions
  • PA’s making a contribution to the overall quality of health service delivery
  • Maintaining public trust
  • Accountability of the PA profession to the public