Pass Standard Setting Method

Modified Angoff Method

The PACCC Test Committee uses the modified Angoff Method of Standard Setting, in the determination of the minimally competent candidate and valid, defensible exam cut-off scores. This method requires the use of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who are all CCPAs or physicians and members of the PACCC Test Committee. The SMEs work under the guidance of a Psychometrician to individually assess each exam question in terms of the minimally competent candidate. Standard setting requires committee discussion and reasoning, with the goal to obtain agreement on the percentage of minimally competent candidates which will answer each question correctly. Ratings for each question are then collated and tabulated, and the average rating is calculated for each question and the exam as a whole. The resulting percentage is the score expected to be achieved by the minimally competent candidate. The PACCC Test Committee recommends the Pass Mark to PACCC for approval after that year’s exam has been written. The modified Angoff method is based on the content of the exam and not on group performance. There is no applied distribution scoring curve and it is feasible for all candidates writing the exam to be successful.