Alberta PA steps up to Keep ER Open


Alberta PA steps up to Keep ER Open

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CAPA President Kirsten Luomala in Alberta as PA in 2013 | Image source: CBC Edmonton

Alberta's Physician Assistants Shine in a Decade of Transformative Healthcare Excellence  

Alberta, Canada - December 4th, 2023 - This year marks a significant milestone in Alberta’s healthcare community, as the province celebrates its 10th anniversary since its introduction of Physician Assistants (PAs) 

Over the past decade, PAs have evolved into an invaluable asset. Equipped with rigorous academic training and highly developed skills, they have emerged as proficient providers of a diverse range of medical services. Under the guidance of physicians, PAs have seamlessly integrated into various healthcare teams, collaborating with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive, patient-centred care. 

As recognition of their proficiency and capabilities, PAs have earned prescribing privileges, empowering them to contribute even more effectively to patient care.  

A notable example of the invaluable contribution to Alberta’s healthcare system can be found in the rural town of Bassano when a crisis emerged when the physicians terminated their service in May 2022. Linda Parrish, a practicing PA with over a decade of experience, worked collaboratively with the healthcare team, from nurses to administrators at the Bassano Health Centre to prevent the emergency department from closing. As PAs extend the services of their supervising physician, Linda could cover the ED with the support of a physician in a neighbouring community. Linda is featured in the Canadian Association of Physician Assistant’s PA Spotlight

This is a prime example of how PAs are collaborative members of the healthcare team, help bridge gaps in care and improve patient access to high-quality care. The contributions of PAs have been instrumental for the people of Alberta. 

“Looking ahead, the future of PAs in Alberta holds promise and potential. With plans to launch a new Master of Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Calgary, we are poised to witness further growth and advancement of our profession, says CAPA President Kirsten Luomala, who resides in Edmonton.  

A decade of excellence, compassion, and transformative healthcare is just the beginning for Alberta and an example for other jurisdictions to follow. 

 For More Information contact:  

Kristy Corrente| Director of Advocacy and Communications, CAPA | 613-864-6713 

About CAPA:  The Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA) is the leading national organization representing physician assistants in Canada. CAPA is dedicated to promoting and advancing the physician assistant profession and supporting the professional growth of its members. With a mission to improve healthcare through excellence in the physician assistant profession, CAPA provides a platform for education, advocacy, and collaboration among its members and partners 

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