Vincent Lacharite, BHSc PA, CCPA


Vincent was born in Alberta and while growing up had the pleasure of moving all over Canada and the United States. Graduating from the McMaster PA program in 2011, he worked in Critical Care in Hamilton for 2 years where he had the opportunity to greatly expand the scope of PAs in the ICU. This was followed by a move to Newfoundland, and a transition to working in Occupational Health at remote sites in the Northwest Territories.


Since beginning work as a PA, Vincent has always been a strong advocate for expanding the role of clinical PAs. The resolve to continuously advocate for PAs has increased significantly since moving to Newfoundland where PAs are currently not able to practice. Having seen the necessity of strong advocacy in areas where PAs are currently unable to practice, Vincent believes that he can help CAPA, all PAs in Canada and more specifically those in the Maritimes in the role of Atlantic Chapter President.