Trevor Stone, CCPA, CD

Trevor Stone


Trevor was born in Toronto, Ontario and enjoyed the privilege of numerous family moves throughout Canada and Europe as a Canadian Forces dependant. After High School in Yorkton, Saskatchewan he began his 22 years in the Canadian Forces as a Medical Technician, completing his Physician Assistant program in 2001.

Trevor retired from the military in 2006 and joined the Section of Plastics at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba where he is part of the reconstructive surgery team. In 2011, Trevor accepted the position of Prairie Chapter Vice President. He is an ardent supporter of the profession and is committed to ensuring Canadians in all regions are not only familiar with the Physician Assistant Profession, but enjoy access to quality medical care through MD-PA team based medical care.


Election Platform

I wish to express my interest for the CAPA National President position. Many of my family, friends and colleagues know me through my long association with CAPA as a serving board member. I have tirelessly advocated for the PA profession whether through CAPA or by my work as a Physician Assistant (PA) in Reconstructive Surgery. Simply put, I eat, speak and sleep all things related to the PA profession because I am convinced the bigger the footprint we all make in these early years of the growth, the more exponential success we will have. It has been often said that “we are all trailblazers for our profession.” This fact remains as true today, as it was twenty years ago.

Prior to working in the civilian sector, I proudly served with the Canadian Military for 22 years as a medical technician and then as a PA. I mention this because my roots remain very important and integral to the successes I’ve enjoyed as a PA working in the civilian sector. I believe that my military experience has taught me to stay mission and patient oriented. Perhaps most importantly, it has been my family, which has since evolved into a much larger PA family nationally. I remain extremely cognizant of the pressures and challenges facing our profession going forward and everything I do is predicated on one simple thought processes, ensuring the growth and success of the PA profession in Canada.

As a profession, we continue to grow upon each success. But like all professions, we will continue to face challenges. Regulation remains a key component to successful introduction of the PA profession and if elected I will continue to work hard with CAPA and our stakeholders across the country to deliver the message that PAs are a very necessary and a key component to the future of health care. To that end, my goal working with fellow BOD colleagues and CAPA staff will be to work with all levels of government, first within Ontario, to make regulation a much-needed reality. Furthermore, it is vital that we strengthen our “footprint” nationally as a profession. We will only accomplish this by increasing our visibility and in doing so, create more opportunities for PAs.

I am very proud to let my name stand as candidate for President of CAPA. If elected, I will continue to work tirelessly for the CAPA membership and with our dedicated executive to re-establish a pathway to regulation in Ontario and further advance the PA profession into all regions within Canada.


Trevor Stone, CCPA, CD