Sahand Ensafi, BHSc, CCPA


Bio and Election Platform

Hello to all of my PA friends and colleagues. My name is Sahand Ensafi and it is an honour for me to run for the position of CAPA Ontario Chapter Vice-President in this year’s election.

I have been a passionate advocate for the PA Profession since my introduction to the profession in 2010. Shortly after this, I was accepted into the McMaster University PA Program and was elected by my peers as President of the class of 2013. In this role, I collaborated with my classmates, the program itself, and other stakeholders to spread awareness about the profession through advocacy initiatives at the university as well as in the community. We also worked to spread awareness of the PA role through numerous interprofessional events.

After graduating, I’ve had the privilege of working in the Emergency Departments at the University Health Network, which includes Toronto Western and Toronto General hospitals. As the inaugural PA at UHN, I worked diligently to improve the flow in the busiest areas of the ED and to provide optimal care for the patients who I assessed. After recognizing the added value of having a PA in terms of both patient care as well as the overall function of the department, our team has expanded its PA Program to include a total of 4 PAs.

For the past 3 years, I have also been a clinical instructor at the McMaster University PA Program and was recently appointed as an Assistant Professor (Adjunct). I have also served on numerous CAPA and MOH committees. Currently, I sit on the PA Integration Committee put together by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to address the numerous challenges we as PAs are facing in the province. I’ve also been actively involved in the selection process for the Career Start program and serve as the group lead for the Toronto West Networking group. I most recently have also accepted the responsibility of co-leading the Emergency Medicine PA Networking Group as well.

Since my introduction to the PA profession, I have always been extremely passionate and committed to both patients and to solidifying the PA role within the healthcare system. With the current fiscal reality and our aging population, I have always believed that PAs can play a major role in addressing the challenges that our healthcare system currently faces. I hope that as the Ontario Chapter VP, I can continue to work with the ministry as well as the Ontario Chapter President to help address the issues that our profession currently faces.

From my discussions with the membership as well as my own observations, I believe some of the most pressing issues currently are surrounding funding (as well as appropriate remuneration/raises with increased experience and responsibility), regulation and appropriate supervisory guidelines. I have taken part in some committees addressing some of these issues, and I believe that as the Ontario Chapter VP, I will be able to further advocate on the membership’s behalf at a much higher and more effective level.

As a Canadian trained PA who understands the current struggles of our profession, I would be honoured to serve as your Ontario Chapter VP and promise to continue to advocate on your behalf to address the challenges our profession faces. Thank you for your consideration.