Paul Haskins, CCPA



Paul completed his PA education through the Canadian Armed Forces, and received his CCPA designation, in 2008.  Since that time he has been very active in service to you and would be honoured to continue that contribution as the new Prairie Chapter President.

In 2010 he was elected to the role of Treasurer for CAPA where he oversaw the early stages of the transition from government funding to self-sustained funding.

Shortly thereafter he became involved in the drive to establish PAs in Alberta.  With coordinated assistance from CAPA and the Canadian Armed Forces that dream became a reality in 2013.  As the CAPA representative in AB he sat on numerous committees including the Minister of Health’s Advisory Committee for Primary Heath Care, the Alberta Health Services PA Implementation Group, and the University of Calgary PA Curriculum Development Committee.

In 2014 he resigned as Treasurer to focus on Alberta Vice-President (AB).   Since the passage of the amended Health Professions Act he continues to be active with bringing regulation to fruition as it winds its way through the bureaucracy, speaking out on behalf of PAs throughout the province as we near our goal.

Additionally, he practices in orthopaedics with a group of 5 surgeons in the greater Edmonton area, splitting his time between office, clinic, and operating room.



I would work on behalf of all PAs in the Prairie Chapter to further our profession.

In Manitoba where our profession first found a foothold in civilian practice in Canada I would maintain the channels of communication with the PC government and attempt to stimulate the growth of our profession through constructive dialog with stakeholders.

For Saskatchewan I would endeavour to build on the outreach that has gone before, utilizing my experience gained in Alberta, to promote the introduction of PAs to the Land of the Living Skies.

Regarding Alberta where I practice, the focus would be on finalizing regulation, the establishment of a PA school at the University of Calgary or University of Alberta, and the development of alternative funding models beyond the initial Alberta Health Services program.

In short, I would count it a privilege to continue in service to you and our profession as the new Prairie Chapter President.