CAPA is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Exercise is Medicine Canada

CAPA is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC). We believe that “Physical activity is an integral part of prevention and treatment of chronic disease in the Canadian health care system” and that EIMC can help to provide valuable tools and resources to help our members improve the health of Canadians through exercise. To launch this new partnership, Dr. Jonathon Fowles, Faculty, Exercise is Medicine Canada, will present at the 2014 CAPA Annual Conference in Halifax on October 26, 2014. Dr. Fowles will describe the tools and resources EIMC has developed to help PAs and their health professional colleagues to ask about, assess, advise, counsel, prescribe and refer physical activity for chronic disease prevention, management and treatment. We look forward to working with EIMC and welcome them as our newest partner. For more information about the 2014 CAPA Annual Conference please visit:

ALS Challenge

The ALS Association is the only national non-profit organization fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease on every front. By leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centres, and fostering government partnerships. As most of you are likely aware ALS initiated an ice bucket challenge to try and raise awareness for this debilitating disease. To date $100 million has been raised through this challenge, with donations ranging from under one dollar to $200,000. To show CAPA’s support for the cause our National President, Chris Rhule and Vice-President, Mark McLennan participated in this campaign posting their own videos on social media networks.


Regional Vice-President Roles

Effective, October 24th, following the Annual Members Meeting, Patrick Stringfellow will assume the role of Pacific Chapter Vice-President and Chris Pearson the position of Ontario Chapter Vice-President. As per article 7.5 of the CAPA Bylaws, both of these individuals have been appointed by the CAPA Board of Directors through acclamation and will occupy their positions for the term of one year. In August 2015 these roles will be up for nomination. Please join CAPA in congratulating Patrick and Chris on their new roles.

No red shirts in family medicine – Scott Naherniak and Dr. Permack

Dr-permack-and-Scott_Aug_2014In the TV series Star Trek the bridge is run by many different people, all with specific jobs that they are experts at, with the captain guiding and overseeing it all but trusting in their judgement and skills. In many episodes red-shirt security officers and engineers who accompany the main characters on landing parties often suffer quick demise. Thankfully, in family medicine we do not sacrifice our team.

My supervising physician is Dr. Permack, Manitoba Family Physician of the year 2014. There are no red shirts in his family practice crew. In the clinic where we provide care there is a lab, a counselor, a psychiatrist, and an office manager/patient navigator. We are successful because we operate as a team.

Dr. Permack has been in practice in south Winnipeg for 32 years. He practices across the spectrum of family medicine, acute care, long-term care, teaching, primary care and leadership. The practice was one of the first in Manitoba to adopt the provincially accepted electronic medical records. Dr. Permack is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and serves as the Medical Director of the Family Medicine Primary Care Program and Home Care Program for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The doctor and I share a panel of patients in our medical home that range in age from prenatal to palliative end of life care. We manage a floor in a personal care home, round on patients in the hospital, work in the primary care clinic and perform home visits on the vulnerable housebound. As a PA, I manage chronic disease; perform minor procedures, EKG, PFT, and ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

Dr. Permack has been very satisfied with the addition of a PA to his team and describes the relationship as follows: “I could not imagine the ways and extent that a Physician Assistant could help me in my Family Medicine career. The partnership with the PA affords me opportunities for personal development, to support innovation and to develop relationships with patients and other care team members while making such an impact on the lives of individual citizens and our community.”

Working in partnership, Dr. Permack and I follow the principles of Family Medicine, valuing continuity of care. We support therapeutic relationships that can be as long as thirty years in duration and even servicing as many as five generations of one family. We are community-based providers working with pharmacy, public health, home care, geriatric support services and mental health to keep our patients out of emergency rooms and support them and their families in their homes. By spending time as a team collaborating and co-locating, we learn and practice to be excellent clinicians as demanded by the College of Family Physicians.

The learning curve has been steep after graduating. This included a new skill set of quality improvement using EMR tools to improve care of patients on amiodarone, suffering from breast cancer and osteoporosis. Sharing tasks through EMR allows me to be a collaborator and communicator following-up with our patients regarding lab results and control of their chronic disease.

The obstacles we have encountered mostly relate to rules that have not adapted to the new interprofessional environment and professionals needing to be educated about the value of PAs across the spectrum of Family Medicine. I am a physician assistant, part of the family medicine crew, and I love what I do.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Tom Ashman PA of the Year and CAPA Honour Roll Awards

CAPA is pleased to announce that Ian Jones has been selected as this year’s recipient of the Tom Ashman PA of the Year Award and Dr. Debra Hellyer has been selected to receive the CAPA Honour Roll Award. Please join us in celebrating these individuals who have contributed and have rendered a distinguished service to the physician assistant profession in Canada.

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