CAPA ‘s New Position Statement – PAs Caring for Canada’s Seniors

Physician Assistants (PAs) play a valuable role in helping to improve care for our seniors. PAs are currently practicing across Canada in the Canadian Armed Forces and in the public healthcare system in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. In these jurisdictions PAs are increasing access to quality care in a cost-effective manner and helping to reduce wait times and improve overall patient outcomes. There are a number of PAs working with seniors in long-term care settings and in primary care models, working as part of homecare programs. In this capacity PAs are helping to enhance medical care for our aging population…more.


We take doctors for granted, until we don’t have one

Part of the solution lies in moving to a more team-based care model, where work currently done by doctors is handled by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and others. Where previous generations of GPs have been resistant to this idea, he said, new doctors are receptive and less tied to old funding models…more.

BC Doctor Shortage to Worsen as More Physicians Near Retirement

Doctors for BC says part of the solution lies in what it calls team-based care, a collaborative approach that would take some of the workload off doctors.

“We need to use the professionals that we’ve got,” said organization president Dr. Trina Larsen Soles. “We need to work with nurse practitioners and with hopefully physician’s assistants in the future. We need more of these integrated models with occupational therapy and physiotherapy.”…more


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