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2024 BC Budget Consultation Recap

CAPA’s response to the budget consultation in British Columbia emphasizes the critical issue of the shortage of medical professionals in public healthcare. Introducing PAs can strengthen the system, ensuring timely and cost-effective care. PAs are advanced practice clinicians who enhance patient care and work across various clinical settings. With over 1000 certified PAs, their introduction improves access and fosters team collaboration.


CAPA recommends regulating PAs under the College of Physicians and Surgeons, funding the hiring of 50 PAs over three years, identifying specialties where PAs can have the greatest impact, and exploring the development of a PA Education Program at UBC. Reports from the Conference Board of Canada highlight the potential of PAs to address demand and save costs in healthcare.


In British Columbia, military PAs operate under the Canadian Armed Forces, while civilian PAs may work remotely or outside their chosen profession. Expanding PAs in emergency departments, primary care, surgical teams, hospitalists, cancer care, and rural communities addresses healthcare challenges and improves access to care.


Click HERE to watch BC Director, Lisa Stewart’s, Presentation

B.C. outlier when it comes to hiring physician assistants

There has been a lot of talk recently about what needs to be done to help our health care system. In B.C., almost a million residents have no family doctor and lack access to primary care. One group of medical professionals, say they can help fill in the gap and they’re physician assistants… Read more.

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