PA Compensation

CAPA’s compensation report is a document that provides members, employers, and policy makers with information about the salaries and benefits of physician assistants (PAs) in different parts of Canada.

Three important factors have an impact on PA salaries – location, clinical setting, and skills or experience – and they influence supply, demand, and the salary a PA can command.  As demand for PAs grows and job opportunities increase in the market place, this compensation document will help:

  • PAs assess employment opportunities and negotiate employment contracts.
  • Employers understand the landscape and remain competitive in their efforts to recruit a skilled PA workforce.
  • Policy makers make more informed decisions about existing and future funding programs.

As the PA role continues to evolve, this report will be updated to include new information. If you have questions or information that could be added to strengthen this report, please contact CAPA at

Link: Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Compensation Report