Celina Wu

Celina is a new graduate of the Consortium of PA Education at the University of Toronto. During her two years in the PA program, she served as the Curriculum Representative where she liaised between students and faculty, addressing concerns, and prepared meeting minutes. She also participated in the Admissions and Selection Committee where she reviewed applications, rated candidates at the interview and voted on candidate-selection. Furthermore, she was elected to the Board of Examiners, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto where she reviewed cases of students in academic-difficulty, determined appropriate course(s) of action and reviewed/approved grades for transcription.

She is actively involved in PA-profession promotion, such as representing PAs at the Health Professions Open-House at the University of Toronto, speaking about the PA profession at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SciHigh), Mount Sinai Hospital and serving on the Interprofessional Healthcare Student Association as the outreach coordinator. Additionally, she has promoted the PA profession through speaking with interested candidates and has recently returned from her elective in the Himalayas as the first student in the program to participate in an international elective.

Celina Wu_photo_Sept_2016