Kenzie Bellingham, CCPA


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and raised in a “military family”, Kenzie joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medical Technician at the age of eighteen. After spending 11 years working as a Medical Technician she was then selected for the Canadian Armed Forces Physician Assistant Program. Kenzie graduated from the Physician Assistant Program in July 2012 receiving her Bachelor of Sciences degree from the University of Nebraska. Currently employed with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Primary Care Physician Assistant, Kenzie loves her current position because it gives her the opportunity to practice across specialties and in different environments.

Kenzie is very passionate in her profession epitomizing integrity, energy and hard work in every detail. She continually moves forward with a desire for taking on new challenges to expand her knowledge and experience as a Physician Assistant.

Kenzie is a family person residing in her hometown of Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia with her spouse and sons.

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