July 2021 PA News Bulletin



The Alberta Representation Working Group has had its first two meetings. This group is tasked with gathering information on options for increased representation in Alberta, including the benefits and challenges of unionization, compensation advocacy, and more. We are currently seeking to hire a labor relations consultant to assist our working group. If you know of anyone who has labor relations expertise in Alberta, please contact mbanister@capa-acam.ca to get involved.  

British Columbia 

CAPA staff presented to the BC Liberal Caucus on the importance of introducing PAs in the province. The presentation was well received, and they have informally committed to helping raise awareness on this issue. CAPA staff have also submitted advocacy documents for the Government of British Columbia’s Budget 2022 consultation process.  


CAPA staff have reached out to the SaskDocs and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan to start engaging more in this province to have PAs introduced. The plan is to reconnect with allied health stakeholders to gain their support, then reach out to the Government of Saskatchewan to re-open the conversation regarding introducing the profession in this jurisdiction.  


A meeting with staff from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) was held to identify processes and timelines required to finalize regulation. While drafting the proposed submission for government, the CPSO will be examining how other regulated provinces are structured. We know this process will take some time. We’ll continue to work with the CPSO and encourage them to move as quickly as possible while also protecting the quality of the regulation put forward.    

Ontario Physician Assistant Association 

Negotiations with the Ontario Hospital Association on behalf of hospital-based PAs who have certified are nearing completion. The negotiated collective agreement will be presented to members for their approval and ratification. Watch for an invitation to a members meeting coming to your inbox shortly. 

Nova Scotia 

The province will hold an upcoming election on August 17th. Let’s amplify our voice and share these key messages so Nova Scotians and political representatives know what PAs have to offer!  

Newfoundland and Labrador  

On July 6, 2021, CAPA staff met with Registrar, Dr. Linda Inkpen from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Associate Executive Director, Lynn Barter from the Newfoundland Medical Association (NLMA). The goal of the meeting was to obtain their support so that we may circle back to the Minister’s office and convey this to the Department of Health and Community Services. The meeting was favourable with the CPSNL confirming that they did not foresee being a roadblock to PA integration in the province and that they would look to colleges in other jurisdictions for guidance when the time comes.  The executive of the NLMA will also be meeting to discuss offering their formal support of PAs.  


Do you know a deserving candidate for the Tom Ashman Physician Assistant of the Year Award, CAPA Honour Roll, or the Physician Assistants for Research, Scholarship and Education in Canada (PARSEC)/CAPA PA Educator of the Year Award? If so, click here to learn more. Don’t be shy, nominate your colleague today!


CAPA 2021 will be held virtually once again this year. The high-quality education program will be announced shortly and registration will be launched in the coming weeks. Watch for more details coming to your inbox! 

Call for Student Volunteer 

Are you interested in getting more involved and making sure PA student voices are heard? If so, consider volunteering for the CAPA 2021 Program Planning Committee. Please send your expression of interest to admin@capa-acam.ca.    


Have you been a part of a research study?  Have you written an article that was published? If so, please send it to admin@capa-acam.ca so that we can share it with your PA colleagues.   


In an opinion piece from Atlantic Canada, Columnist Paul Schneidereit, questions why Nova Scotia isn’t further along integrating PAs, and suggests Let’s try new remedies for Nova Scotia’s family doctor shortage.  

If you see members being recognized within your workplace or in your community, let us know so we can spread the good news. And if you see local health care headlines and believe there is an opportunity to highlight PA contributions, or follow up with a letter to the editor, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at admin@capa-acam.ca. 


The Board of Directors provides important strategic guidance to our association. But it also lets volunteers use skills not exercised in your day-to-day practice and offers the opportunity to expand your professional networks and gain leadership experience with a national organization. As a member of the Board your participation also allows you to report 15 credit hours towards your CPD requirements. 

A call for candidates for the following positions was sent out to eligible members on July 21st: 

  • British Columbia – Director and Alternate Director    
  • Saskatchewan – Director and Alternate Director   
  • Manitoba – Director and Alternate Director 
  • Ontario – Director and Alternate Director    
  • Quebec – Director and Alternate Director 
  • Newfoundland – Director and Alternate Director 
  • New Brunswick – Alternate Director   
  • Prince Edward Island – Director and Alternate Director    
  • Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon – Director and Alternate Director  
  • Canadian Armed Forces Representative 

Visit our website for complete details on the 2021 election process, including the timeline. 


Registration for the 2021 PA Cert Exam which will be administered on November 4, 2021 is now open. The registration deadline is September 24, 2021 and it is important to note that NO registrations will be accepted after this date.  

Once all of the registrations are completed, candidates will be provided with information on how to proceed with getting registered through the ProctorU platform.  


Visit members-only Job Listings on the CAPA website for the latest career opportunities across Canada.   

If you have job ads to share, send them to us at admin@capa-acam.ca. We post job ads for free on the Job Listings page and, for a small fee we email job opportunities on behalf of employers directly to all our members.