Jennifer Tracz, BSc. PA, CCPA


Jennifer was born in Winnipeg, MB and moved to Brandon, MB at the age of 7 until the completion of high school. Jennifer graduated as part of the Honors Society Class of 1988.  She joined the 26 Fd Regt (Artillery) and started her military career in the Reserve Force.  For 10 years Jennifer worked as a Finance Clerk at various bases and Headquarters across Canada. Finally her passion for medicine couldn’t be neglected any further; along with working full time and attending Brandon University part time she transferred into the Regular Force as a Medical Technician September 1999.  She attended courses required by the military and outside agencies to further her medical knowledge.  Jennifer went on several deployments overseas using her medical knowledge and bedside manner to best suit the situation.

Jennifer successfully completed the physician assistant course and graduated 5 Aug 2015, from University of Nebraska Medical Centre. Then October 2015 with the successful writing of the PACCC exam her journey was complete.  Currently Jennifer works in Petawawa, her and a college have tabled a mentorship program to better prepare CAF members for the PA program, she is an active member in the CAPA networking teams, an advocate for PAs with and outside the CAF speaking to military and civilian physicians about their stance and how to better integrate PAs into clinical roles and educator to nurses, LPN, RPN, Medical Technicians that have a misunderstanding of what the PA role is within the spectrum of care.

Jennifer is also wife and mother to two girls, a large mastiff, two cats and an array of fish.

Click here for Jennifer’s campaign video.