Full Time PA

Full Time PA

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Ontario, Canada

Salary: 55-65 dollars per hour

Overview of Duties:

· Completes independent system-focused assessments to facilitate diagnosis and follow up

· Collaborates and assists the physician with assessments and procedures

· Completes telemedicine and virtual assessment as needed

· Liaises with the team, including other health care providers, patients, and family, to provide and promote excellence in care and the patient experience

· Collaborates with community partners to support best-practice guidelines

· Administers medications and treatments as prescribed within the PA scope of practice

· Documents all care, assessments, and observations

. Assist with basic travel consultations as required

. Assist with minor procedures as required

Portsmouth Medical Clinic

The successful applicant will provide comprehensive primary care services within the full PA scope of practice.
The Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic provides consultations to travellers to discuss, administer, and dispense vaccinations and medications to help minimize health risks while abroad. The clinic also provides pre-employment communicable disease screenings.