Ontario Networking Events for PAs

Hi Ontario PAs,

This is an email to invite you to participate in the networking communities we are creating in Ontario. I have attached the list of the physician assistants who have been selected to be the local PA leads.  The area locations are general and will encompass the surrounding areas.  YOU MUST EMAIL YOUR LOCAL PA LEAD TO HAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS ADDED TO THEIR CONTACT LIST.  If there is more than one lead email the first person’s email address since they will be coordinating the email lists.  This will ensure that you receive the emails about quarterly meetings and local CPD.

You are able to select any areas you would like to join by emailing the area lead and adding your name and email to the list. This will give you the flexibility to attend the meetings where you live or work or both.  The meetings are also open to PAs who would like to move or work in a new community, as well as first and second year students.  The purpose of these quarterly meetings are to socialize and discuss challenges within the PA profession, specialty practice, hospitals, and employment.  We also hope you will share resources, network for jobs, and provide others with tips of what is working well in your practice.

The quarterly meetings are being set up by your local leads. Once on the list, you will get emails from your local lead with the details and location of your area meeting.   Make sure you RSVP for all events.

Here is a map showing where physician assistants are located in Ontario. You may be surprised to see so more PAs working in your community.


I look forward to hearing connecting our communities and strengthening our profession!


Deniece O’Leary

Ontario Chapter President

 Region Date Time Location RSVP
 Hamilton/Brant  Wed, Feb 8 7:30pm  Comfort Inn,  58 King George Rd, Brantford, ON N3R 5K4 Valerie Derbecker