Message du président

Chers membres de l’ACAM,

The longstanding existence of anti-Black racism has been brought to the forefront with the events of the past few weeks and is a key issue that we as health care professionals have a responsibility to address.  The heartbreaking death of George Floyd and countless other people of colour, weighs heavily on us pointing to the continued need for vigilance and change.

Today, CAPA posted a statement against racism and in support of diversity which I encourage you to read below or on our website. We are aware that these acts of injustice are not specific to the US, but also occur frequently in Canada and on a global scale.   Whether through overt racism or subtle microaggression, discrimination exacts a heavy physical and psychological toll.  We have also seen, through this pandemic, racism exposed in violence against different groups, and seen further evidence that racism contributes to disparities in access to health care and differences in outcomes. Racism also impacts our physician assistant colleagues and other health professionals while they are providing care.

As your professional organization we are committed to anti-oppression and diversity.  We are against racism and stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and people of colour.  This includes looking at ourselves and, for myself, acknowledging white privilege and working to end it where I can.

Leslie St. Jacques, CCPA