Conseil d’administration


Permettez-nous de vous présenter notre conseil d’administration actuel.


Leslie St. Jacques, CCPA, BHSc PA, BA hons, MES (Planning), MSW, RSW

Leslie St. Jacques is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant from the inaugural class of the PA Education Program at McMaster University (2010).  Leslie has worked in Neurosurgery at the Krembil Brain Institute at Toronto Western Hospital since 2014.  She has also worked as a PA in Neurosurgery for the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg (2013) and in the Cardiovascular Surgery ICU for Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) (2010-2013).

Leslie is currently the Interim PA Lead for the University Health Network (UHN) and has been the elected President of their PA Council since 2014.  Since 2010, she has been involved in creating structures to enable PA practice at the local level, working with pharmacists to develop the first set of Medical Directives for HHS, and then later for UHN. Leslie has worked to revise the UHN PA policy, create templates for required documentation to ease the on-boarding process, and worked with the IT department to create a platform for PAs within the electronic medical record system.  Successful integration pathways have supported the steady increase in the number of PAs working at UHN, currently 29 and counting.

Leslie is studying research methods at McMaster University through the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology.  She is an advocate for Physician Assistant involvement in research and in teaching, and will be facilitating problem-based learning sessions in neurology and psychiatry for McMaster this semester. Leslie is a new preceptor for PA students’ placements in neurosurgery for both University of Toronto and McMaster University.  She has presented clinical material for CAPA’s annual conference in both poster and lecture formats, as well as contributed to the Journal of Canada’s Physician Assistants.


Eric Demers CD, BSc, CCPA, CAPM

Eric was born in Hawkesbury, Ontario. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1994 as a Medical Technician and released in 2017 after 23 years of service and this is where Eric graduated from the Physician Assistant Program in 2010.  During his time in the military, Eric served multiple missions overseas and on submarines where he acquired a specialty in Submarine and Diving Medicine. He calls Victoria, BC home, where he lives with his wife and two wonderful children. Eric also holds a certificate in Business Administration from the University of Victoria, a Primary Care Paramedic certificate from JIBC and is a Certified Associate in Project Management (PMI). He has been involved with CAPA since 2008 and was on the membership committee, a question writer for the national certification exam and most recently the vice-president of the Pacific Chapter. Eric is honoured be the director of the BC chapter and hopes to see PAs recognized in regulated in BC in the near future.


Patrick Nelson
Avant de se joindre à Santis, Patrick occupait le poste de directeur général des affaires publiques et corporatives au sein de l’Association médicale de l’Ontario (AMO), qui représente les 34 000 médecins dans la province. Au cours de ses dix ans chez l’AMO, il a mené plusieurs campagnes de communication stratégiques, un examen exhaustif de la gouvernance, ainsi qu’une campagne majeure de renouvellement de l’image de l’association. Durant son mandat, la satisfaction des membres de l’OMA a doublé et atteint des records. Au même moment, au cours d’une récente campagne de plaidoyer de 5 mois, la confiance du public en la profession a connu une augmentation notable de 12 %. De 1998 à 2003, Patrick a détenu des postes de haut niveau en communications au sein du gouvernement de l’Ontario. En tant qu’adjoint au ministre de la Santé de l’Ontario, Patrick était responsable du programme législatif et de la gestion des questions d’intérêts.


Kirsten Luomala, CD, MPAS, CCPA

Born and raised on a farm outside Vancouver, Kirsten joined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in 1987 upon graduating from high school.  Joining as a medical technician she served in a variety of postings from training systems, to the Army, Air Force and on multiple deployments, Haiti, twice to Afghanistan and Alert (North Pole).  In 2007 Kirsten was selected to the CAF PA program and graduated in the inaugural PA degree class in 2009 receiving her Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska.  After graduating, she was posted to the Canadian Forces Medical School assigned to teach in the CAF PA program as well as assisted in developing a Combat PA program for the Afghanistan National Army in 2013.   While on her 2nd deployment to Afghanistan in 2013 she completed her Master of PA studies in Education and ER medicine from the University of Nebraska.  Kirsten retired from the CAF in 2014 to accept a position in Alberta’s Demonstration Project in the Department of Neurosurgery at University of Alberta where she currently works. During her time in Alberta, Kirsten has been involved in many speaking engagements promoting the PA profession to various organizations within the University of Alberta.  Currently she resides in Spruce Grove Alberta with her husband and 3 daughters.


Todd Bryden, BSc, CCPA, CD

Todd Bryden originally from Sydney, Nova Scotia joined the Canadian Armed Forces in September 1995 and over his 22 years in the CAF was posted to numerous locations throughout Canada. He completed his Physician Assistant training in 2010 with a Bachelor of Sciences Degree from the University of Nebraska, and practiced as a PA in the CAF onboard HMC Ships and within Health Services clinics until 2017 and final posting to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where he retired from the CAF and started work with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority with the Department of Surgery in the Section of Urology. Todd is married to his lovely wife Melissa and has 3 children, 7-year-old twins RJ and Olivia and 15-year-old Beth.

Todd has been an active member of CAPA and volunteers on the Physician Assistant Council of Canada Exam Committee. He is an avid supporter of the PA profession and looks forward to being a strong advocate for integration of PAs into health care in Saskatchewan and across Canada.


Steven Piotrowski, B.Sc., M.Sc., MPAS., CCPA

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba Steven completed his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba in 2005. In 2011, he finished two years of an Athletic Therapy degree before entering his Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Cell Science. It was during his master’s degree, where Steven learned about the Physician Assistant profession while teaching physician assistant, medical, pharmacy and respiratory therapy students in the gross human anatomy laboratory. In 2014, Steven was accepted to the Master of Physician Assistant Studies program at the University of Manitoba. Following graduation in 2016, he accepted a position in Beausejour, Manitoba working as a family medicine/emergency medicine physician assistant. In addition, Steven is passionate about teaching physician assistant students as both a preceptor and instructor. Furthermore, Steven has been married to his amazing wife Kim for the past four years and they have two wonderful children, Luke and Kate.


Sahand Ensafi, CCPA

I am a PA working in Emergency Medicine at the University Health Network. I developed a passion for the PA Profession during my undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo in Life Sciences. After learning more about the growing role PAs were playing in Canada, I jumped at the opportunity to be a pioneer of the profession and was accepted into McMasters PA Class of 2013. During my studies I served as our student council President and worked to advocate for PAs both on campus and within the Hamilton community.

After graduating, I was hired on as the inaugural PA in the University Health Network Emergency Departments and have been working there for ~5.5 years. During my time at UHN, I have worked to expand our PA Program to a total of 4 PAs within the ED, I have chaired Quality Improvement committees, been a co-author in abstracts/journal articles and I am now a part of the ED leadership team. Furthermore, I am also actively involved in PA integration initiatives at UHN, through our UHN PA Council.

In addition to my work at UHN, I have also been involved in teaching roles at McMaster University where I serve as an Assistant Clinical Professor (adjunt). I am actively involved in the clinical skills and simulation programs and as a clinical supervisor for PA Clerks completing their clerkship rotations in the ER. More recently, I have also been involved in teaching through the University of Toronto PA Program; specifically in the ePBL – Clinical Skills 1 and 2 courses.


Louis-François Robichaud CD, CCPA

Le directeur provincial intérimaire du Québec de l’Association canadienne des adjoints au médecin, M. Louis-François Robichaud, est né et a grandi à Québec. Suite ses études secondaires, il s’est enrôlé dans les Forces armée canadiennes en tant que technicien médical. Après avoir servi près de 20 ans, il a fut sélectionné pour le programme de formation des adjoints au médecin des Forces canadiennes dispensé au Centre d’instruction des services de santé des Forces canadiennes à Borden (Ontario). En 2007, il a gradué de ce programme et a été affecté à la base des Forces Canadienne d’Esquimalt (Colombie-Britannique) puis successivement à la BFC Borden (Ontario) à la BFC Bagotville (Québec) et a la BFC Valcartier (Québec). Au cours des 30 dernières années, M. Robichaud a servi en Croatie, en Bosnie-Herzégovine et au Sierra-Leone. Il a aussi eu l’opportunité de travailler a bord de navires de la marine royale canadienne, dans les régions isolé du grand nord ainsi que sur plusieurs bases militaires a travers le pays. Il travaille maintenant à la base des Forces canadiennes de St-Jean sur le Richelieu (Québec).


Kevin Dickson, MMM, CD, MPAS, BScS, BA, CCPA

Originaire de Burlington en Ontario, Kevin s’est engagé dans les Forces armées canadiennes en 1995. Après 14 ans en tant que technicien médical, il a été sélectionné pour le programme d’adjoint au médecin et en a été diplômé en 2011. Il a exercé les soins primaires à Ottawa pendant quatre ans avant d’obtenir un poste à Fredericton au Nouveau-Brunswick. Il a quitté les Forces en 2015 et travaille depuis lors au service des urgences de l’Hôpital Dr Everett Chalmers. Kevin et sa femme, Kelly, sont heureux d’élever leurs deux jeunes fils dans le magnifique centre du Nouveau-Brunswick. En plus de son diplôme d’adjoint au médecin, Kévin détient un baccalauréat en géographie de l’Université McMaster. Il a terminé sa maîtrise en études d’adjoint au médecin à l’Université du Nebraska


Christiane Lonergan, 

Christiane est née et a été élevée à Montréal, au Québec. Elle s’est jointe aux Forces armées canadiennes en 1979 en tant qu’Assistante médicale. Sa pratique médicale variait dans les milieux hospitaliers, les cliniques, les centres de recrutement, comme Instructeur et son préféré, celui d’assistant technicien médical et d’adjoint au médecin. Elle a participé à l’opération Sharp Guard en 1994 et à l’opération Altair en 2004. Christiane a terminé son cours d’adjoint au médecin en 2001. Retirée de la Force régulière en 2007, elle continue d’assumer les fonctions d’officier de liaison médical régional des cadets pour les organisations des cadets. Elle aime les arts de la fibre, la lecture et l’expansion de son entreprise à domicile. Christiane souhaite promouvoir la profession d’adjoint au médecin et la voir bien intégrée dans le système de santé civil en Nouvelle-Écosse et partout au Canada.


Vincent Lacharité, BHSc (PA), CCPA

Vincent graduated from McMaster’s Physician Assistant program in 2011 and worked critical care in Hamilton for two years prior to moving to Newfoundland. After moving to Newfoundland and finding that PAs were unable to work in the province, Vincent has been working as a PA in remote sites, providing care to individuals at sites generally only accessible by air. A big believer in the use of PAs to provide care in remote and under-serviced areas, including very progressive scopes of practice, he hopes to be able to bring PAs to Newfoundland to help provide better healthcare in the province.


Stuart Russelle, MMM, CD, MPAS, CCPA

Stuart was raised in Sudbury, Ontario. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves in 1991 and transferred to the Regular Force in 1994.  He graduated from the CAF PA program in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science and went on to complete his Master of PA Studies in 2013.  Presently posted to Ottawa he actively works in Canadian Forces clinics and the ER.  He has been fortunate to deploy on a number of diverse operations around the world, including humanitarian missions in Pakistan, peacekeeping in Bosnia, development of a PA program in Afghanistan, and most recently in Lebanon, as part of the Government of Canada’s initiative to resettle 25,000 Syrian Refugees.  Currently the CAF PA – National Practice Leader, he is actively working on new PA regulation policy within the Canadian Forces Health Services.