Eden Dupont

Eden Dupont, BSc, MPAS, CCPA │ Candidate pour la Directrice provinciale, Manitoba



My name is Eden Dupont. I was born and raised in downtown Winnipeg, and graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 2010. I worked at the National Microbiology Laboratory in the Viral Exanthemata & STDs department; until I discovered the Masters of Physician Assistant Studies Program at University of Manitoba, and graduated from this program in 2014.

As a physician assistant student, I was the student representative in the Health Sciences Graduate Student Association; and upon graduating received the collegiality and leadership award. I placed first in the CAPA 2014 poster competition, with my project discussing preparedness of physician assistant graduates working in Emergency Medicine.  I also created a blog about my personal experience of the program called: “The PA Journey – A Canadian Perspective”.

For almost 3 years, I worked as a hospitalist physician assistant in Steinbach, Manitoba. Currently, I am part of the acute leukemia / bone marrow transplant team at Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg. Additionally, I am involved with The Canadian Blood and Marrow Transplant Group (CBMTG) in creating a national platform for advanced practitioners working in bone marrow transplant.

Letter of Intent:

Dear CAPA members,

If chosen, I would be honored to represent and advocate for you all as your Manitoba Director. Admittedly, I would be new to this role but am eager to work hard to successfully fulfill the Director’s duties. My main platform would be to focus on advocating for physician assistants in Manitoba, as well as creating more networking and educational opportunities.

I would like to concentrate on continuing to promote the physician assistant profession. This would include making a bigger presence in Manitoba with social media; and continuing promotional events throughout the year. I would like to continue supporting and promoting physician assistants within the hospitals that we are employed at. Having been employed in both the rural and tertiary setting- working currently with a team comprised of primarily physician assistants and clinical assistants, I have a unique experience and appreciation of how we can be maximally utilized.

My biggest desire since I started working as a physician assistant, has been to create a Manitoba networking group. This group would create more support for newly graduating or employed physician assistants. This network would provide an appreciation and understanding of who we all are, and our roles within different medical fields. This can include creating an email newsletter that once a month introduces upcoming educational learning opportunities, with a section on introducing a physician assistant from our Manitoba group – they would provide a brief description of their job, role within the team, interests and any activities they are involved in pertaining to physician assistants. Overtime, we would grow an appreciation for the PA’s around the province, and our roles within healthcare. Finally, I hope to create a Manitoba physician assistant conference to allow for further PA bonding and local visibility.

As a lifelong Winnipegger and love of the physician assistant profession, I will work hard to represent Manitoba on the CAPA board. Thank you for your support.

Eden Dupont