What types of activities can I report in Section 3: Assessment?

  • Do you teach? Reviewing your annual teaching evaluations counts for the time you spend reviewing and reflecting on your data and getting peer feedback.
  • Do you participate in a performance appraisal, 360° assessment or any other type of workplace assessment related to practice domains including communication, leadership or managerial ability? The time you spend reviewing and reflecting on your data counts for Section 3.
  • Do you write peer reviewed journal articles? The time spent reviewing the feedback you receive from your peers counts in Section 3 for 3 credits per hour.
  • Do you conduct chart audits or other practice performance based assessments? That can also be claimed for Section 3.
  • The Royal College has several accredited self-assessment programs that are free. The Bioethics modules are available on our website and since they address ethics in medicine, they are applicable to anyone.
  • The CMPA also has accredited medico-legal self-assessment programs available on their website.
  • A list of all accredited self-assessment programs is available on the Royal College website.

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