What is the difference between “Internet Searching” and “Bulk Online Reading/Scanning with Transcript” when reporting Section 2 internet searches conducted through third-party organizations such as Medscape, UpToDate, and Dynamed?

Both options are valid when entering internet search activities conducted through a third-party organization (like Medscape, UpToDate or Dynamed). If you are entering just one activity choose “Internet Searching.” If you are entering more than one activity at once, choose “Bulk Online Reading/Scanning with Transcript”. This selection will allow you to enter the total number of activities in bulk. For activities conducted with third-party organizations and submitted under the bulk option, both the certificate and transcript/list must be uploaded to MAINPORT ePortfolio in order for the activities to be applied to your MOC Program cycle.

Posted in: Recording and reporting activities in MAINPORT ePortfolio