PAs in the media: the top of stories of the decade and lessons we can learn from them- Panel Discussion

1200 – 1300

Moderator: Ohood Elzibak, CCPA, MPAS, BHSc. (PA)

Panelists: Anne Dang, CCPA, BHSc. (PA); Sahand Ensafi, CCPA, BHSc. (PA); Maureen Taylor, CCPA, BHSc. (PA)

The PA profession has seen significant growth and development in Canada over the past decade. PAs have been a key topic in healthcare and have been featured in many stories across various media outlets, including major newspapers, academic and institutional communications, hospital and government correspondence and social media platforms. This panel discussion will explore PA representation in the media by examining video, audio, print and online communication that highlights the struggles and victories of PAs over the past decade. Panelists will share insight into past and emerging trends related to PA practice and integration in Canada. They will reflect on the impact of positive and negative news stories on public acceptance and understanding of the PA profession. They will discuss the importance of

continued media representation of PAs to enhance community relations and ultimately propel the profession forward.


At the conclusion of this session, the participant will be able to:

  1. Examine the top news stories relating to PAs and reflect on how they represent the status of PA integration in Canada over the past decade.
  2. Identify barriers to practice for Canadian PAs and explore avenues for advocacy to optimize the growth of the profession and improve community relations.
  3. Evaluate positive and negative portrayals of PAs in the media and their impact on the public’s understanding and acceptance of the PA role.

Posted in: Friday, October 16, 2020