I participate as an examiner for the PACCC Test committee. How can I claim credits for my contributions?

There are several options available for you to receive MOC credits:

  • The time you spend participating in any part of the examination process – from setting the exam standards, to being an examiner can be claimed as an activity for 15 credits per year under Section 2: Systems Learning: Examination Development.
  • The time you spend in the development and submission of a clinical scenario for inclusion in an oral examination or an MCQ or SAQ for a written examination can be submitted as a personal learning project in Section 2.
  • The time you spend on reviewing the feedback on your contributions to the examination process (e.g. the quality of your MCQs) or your performance during the examination (e.g. during an oral examination) is a review of your “educational” practice that could be included under Section 3: Practice Assessment (3 credits per hour).

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