How are the CanMEDS-PA roles being promoted as a framework for lifelong learning in MAINPORT ePortfolio?

MAINPORT ePortfolio will support the link between learning and CanMEDS-PA in two ways. Each template will enable learners to link the portion of the group learning, self-learning or assessment activity that was linked to each CanMEDS-PA Role. In addition, the CPD planning tool in MAINPORT will support the link between specific goals and one or more CanMEDS-PR roles.

The MOC framework is intending to promote a competency-based approach to lifelong learning that is not just focused on knowledge (the traditional domain of the medical expert), but on multiple skills, competencies and abilities. CanMEDS-PA is an excellent example of a competency framework that is relevant to the planning and development of learning activities for practice. Currently, all accredited Royal College CPD provider organizations are required to develop needs assessment strategies that span multiple CanMEDS roles. Self-learning can be focused in any CanMEDS domain and although there are limited tools to assess performance across multiple CanMEDS roles the development of 360° assessments and other multi-source feedback strategies are becoming more common.

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