Bio and Election Platform

I entered the military in the summer of 1985 as an Artilleryman. After completing basic training in Cornwallis, NS, I volunteered for service with the Special Service Force (SSF) based at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Petawawa, ON.  In 1990 I re-mustered to medical assistant (MED-A) where upon completion of training I was posted back to Petawawa where I spent time with both, 2 Field Ambulance (2 FD AMB), and the Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR). Throughout my career I have been posted to Esquimalt B.C. (twice) where I worked for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in clinics and on ships (which include Her Majesties Canadian Ship (HMCS) PROTECTEUR until her fire in 2014), the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) 1 Canadian Field Hospital, and finally to the Canadian Forces Health Services Headquarters Group in Ottawa, ON where I currently serve as your National Practice Leader and PA classification Advisor (NPL/MOSID Advisor).

During my medical career with the CAF I have been lucky enough to have graduated from the two-year Physician Assistant (PA) bachelor’s degree program, and subsequently I went on to attain my Masters degree from the University of Nebraska Medical faculty in PA Studies (MPAS). One of my recently achieved goals within the CAF was to earn my commission in a new Royal Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) initiative as a PA Officer so that I could continue to practice medicine.

When asked to describe or mention what I would consider my greatest accomplishments to date while serving in the CAF have been, I guess I would have to say that having become both, a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) as well as being appointed to my current position as NPL/MOSID advisor are as I take great pride in having been both, as I have been given the opportunity to effect change on a larger scale, not to mention mentor and protect future non-commissioned and commissioned Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and its future leaders.

Based on all the latest developments within our new military occupation specialty of “Physician Assistant Officer” I am sure that the one thing that will remain constant is; Change! Whether it is good or bad will depend on how we handle it.

Although there is currently only one CAF CAPA representative, those of you that know me will hopefully agree; when it comes to advancing our profession within the CAF or the civil sector I am quite approachable and willing to act on your behalf. I cannot: however, do this in isolation as this is not my profession, it is ours. As military PAs we are pioneers and have the power to positively impact change given our vast experience and highly developed role within the CAF therefore I am hoping that CAPA can count on your support to expand the PA profession across Canada.