Call for Speaker Proposals


Abstracts will be accepted for presentation in the following formats:

Pre-Conference Clinical Skills Workshop

Pre-conference workshops, are interactive sessions that will help participants enhance specific clinical skills. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and preference will be given to the following topics:

  • Interpreting Electrocardiograms (ECG/EKG)
  • Reading Computed Tomography (CT) Scans
  • Performing Local Anesthesia Blocks
  • Interpreting Chest X-Rays
  • Suturing

Oral and Panel Presentation

Oral and panel presentations are 50-minutes-long, which includes 10 minutes for questions and answers. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and preference will be given to the following topics:

– Emergency Medicine                                     – Psychiatry

– Family Practice                                              – Pain Management

– Internal Medicine                                           – Dermatology

– Obstetrics and Gynecology                           – Orthopaedics

– Pediatrics                                                       – Ophthalmology

– General Surgery                                            – Ear, Nose and Throat

– Geriatrics                                                       – Indigenous Health

For panel presentations, the goal is to provide different perspectives on a topic relevant to CAPA 2020 delegates. Panels can include a maximum three experts plus a moderator. Abstracts must indicate if identified panellists are proposed or confirmed, and preference will be given to panel abstracts with confirmed panellists.

E-Poster Presentation

Have you conducted a research project? Do you have valuable data to share? Submitting a poster abstract  is an important way to showcase your knowledge and expertise amongst your peers. Please consult the selection criteria prior to making your submission. Poster abstracts will be accepted in the following categories:

  • original research
  • case report
  • educational resources and interventions.


All poster abstracts are automatically entered into the competition for Poster Awards. All posters will be displayed electronically for the duration of the conference.


Presentations from interested parties are welcome. These include:

  • Canadian and international physician assistants
  • Clinicians including physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other health care professionals
  • Health care administrators from health authorities, hospitals, long-term care centres, family health teams, and primary care centres
  • Health care associations and patient groups
  • Students studying in undergraduate or graduate physician assistant programs.


The objectives of CAPA 2020 are to:

  • provide a forum for effective continuing professional development, education, and training that will improve the skills and expertise of practicing physician assistants
  • facilitate networking and enhance the leadership skills of physician assistants
  • foster a better understanding of the current challenges within Canadian health systems and opportunities for physician assistants to contribute solutions.


Preferences will be given to abstracts that:

  • are relevant to the practice of Canadian physician assistants
  • are innovative and add to an existing body of knowledge
  • are of high quality and easy to understand — where appropriate, include details about methodology, results, health outcomes, efficiency gains, cost savings etc.

All submitters must prepare their abstract using the template provided and include a completed disclosure form when they submit their abstract(s). The maximum length of an abstract is 250 words.

Participants may submit more than one abstract. Some invited sessions and presentations may also be incorporated into the program. Please note that speakers are responsible for all conference-related expenses (registration, accommodation, travel etc.).


All submissions should be addressed to Kristy Corrente, Member Services and Conference Planner, and sent via email:

Deadline for Workshop, Oral Presentation and Panel Abstracts: June 24, 2020

Deadline for Poster Abstracts: August 3, 2020 


For further information

Kristy Corrente

Member Services and Conference Planner

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