CAPA 2015 Conference – Canadian PA Challenge Bowl – Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The PA Challenge Bowl will consist of two streams; one for the student teams to compete in and another for the teams consisting of practicing PAs. Each stream can accommodate up to 12 teams.

Both streams will have three rounds, whereby teams will compete with one another until there is only one team remaining. From there, the winning team will move on to the championship round whereby they will compete with the winning team from the opposing stream.

In every round, a host will ask 11 questions per competition to determine the winning teams. For example, Team 1 and Team 2 would compete against one another by answering 11 questions. The team with the 6 best responses would move on to the next round and so on and so forth.

The first team who buzzes in will have 20 seconds to answer the question. If they do not answer or answer incorrectly, the question will be posed to the competing team for a chance for them to win the point.

There will be a panel of judges who will determine the correct answer. The panel will have both the answers and rationale for the questions and they will also rule when there is a tie.

A prize will be awarded to the winning team.