CAPA 2016 Conference Photos

Special Thanks to Dan Harper from Dan Harper Photo for providing the official photography of CAPA 2016.

DD5_6439[1] DD5_6456[1]     DD5_6437[1]   DD5_6420[1]     DD5_6405[1]   DD5_6395[1]  DD5_6385[1] DD5_6381[1] DD5_6377[1] DD5_6373[1]  DD5_6367[1]    DD5_6366[1] DD5_6361[1] DD5_6354[1] DD5_6350[1]DD5_6346[1] DD5_6342[1]  DD5_6337[1] DD5_6335[1] DD5_6331[1] DD5_6324[1] DD5_6307[1] DD5_6290[1] DD5_6280[1] DD5_6271[1]  DD5_6264[1] DD5_6257[1] DD5_6255[1]DD5_6253[1] DD5_6252[1]  DD5_6244[1] DD5_6227[1] DD5_6225[1] DD5_6223[1] DD5_6220[1]DD5_6217[1]   DD5_6207[1] DD5_6205[1] DD5_6200[1] DD5_6200[1] DD5_6196[1]DD5_6194[1] DD5_6190[1] DD5_6186[1] DD5_6174[1] DD5_6170[1] DD5_6167[1] DD5_6162[1] DD5_6160[1] DD5_6159[1] DD5_6157[1] DD5_6153[1] DD5_6140[1] DD5_6147[1]