What should be included in my nomination?

The information below can be helpful when preparing a nomination for one of our awards

1.              Understand the Award Criteria:

Familiarize yourself with the specific award criteria, focusing on aspects such as professional recognition, commitment to the PA profession, advocacy, outreach, initiatives, and community volunteering.

2.              Gather Information:

Collect detailed information about the individual you wish to nominate. This includes their achievements, contributions, and impact on the PA profession in Canada.

3.              Structure Your Nomination

 ·     Introduction: Start with a brief introduction of the nominee and your relationship to them (if applicable).

·     Professional Recognition: Describe how the individual is well-recognized within the PA profession and beyond, showcasing any awards, recognitions, or leadership roles they have held. 

4.              Long-Term Commitment to the PA profession:

Highlight examples that demonstrate the nominee's dedication and efforts over a significant period to advance the PA profession in Canada. This could include:

·     Length of service in key roles.

·     Contributions to professional development programs.

·    Teaching of PA students.

·     Mentorship of new professionals.

5.              Advocacy for the PA profession:

Detail instances where the individual has actively spoken out or advocated for the PA profession's interests. Examples may include:

 ·    Public speaking engagements.

·     Participation in industry forums or policy-making discussions.

·     Contributions to professional publications or media.

6.              Outreach and Engagement:

Provide evidence of the nominee's proactive engagement with stakeholders, government bodies, or influential figures to advance the PA profession in Canada. This could involve:

·     Collaborations with government agencies on policy development.

·     Initiatives to foster partnerships with industry leaders.

·     PA program faculty, clinical preceptors, guest facilitators, or course instructors. 

·     Participation in committees or advisory boards (e.g., previous board member, committee member, PACCC member).

7.              Initiatives and Impactful projects:

Describe specific initiatives led by the nominee that have raised awareness or significantly contributed to the growth and development of the PA profession in Canada. Examples include:

·     Launching educational programs or workshops.

·     Implementing innovative projects that solve industry challenges.

·     Promoting diversity and inclusion within the PA profession.

8.              Community Volunteering:

Highlight the nominee's involvement in volunteer activities within their community. This could include:

·     Leadership roles in community organizations.

·     Community volunteer work (related or not related to the PA profession).

9.              Support with Testimonials and Evidence:

·     Include testimonials from colleagues, stakeholders, or other members who can attest to the nominee's impact and contributions.

·     Provide any relevant supporting materials such as articles, publications, or project reports that showcase the nominee's achievements.

10.        Review and Submission:

·     Proofread your nomination thoroughly to ensure clarity, coherence, and completeness.

 ·     Submit the nomination through the designated channels.


After submission, the awards committee will follow up with you to confirm receipt of your nomination. Be prepared to provide additional information or clarifications if requested.