Eligibility Criteria

Tom Ashman Physician Assistant of the Year


A current member of CAPA who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to furthering the PA profession in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a CAPA PA member in good standing.

Eligible contributions should include, but are not limited to, a mix of the following:

●    Is well-recognized by members of the PA profession and others;
●    Demonstrates long-term commitment to furthering the PA profession in Canada;
●    Acts as a vocal advocate for the PA profession;
●    Actively reaches out to stakeholders, government, or others that can impact the advancement of the profession in Canada;
●    Engages in an initiative that has raised awareness or helped the profession grow;
●    A volunteer within their community.

The CAPA Board reserves the right to abstain from selecting an award recipient from the candidates put forward if they do not appropriately fulfill the criteria listed above.  

Who Can Be Nominated?

Current PA members of CAPA, excluding previous winners within the last 5 years.

CAPA Board Members cannot be nominated during their term.

Who Can Nominate?

Colleagues, co-workers, physicians, patients, or friends, CAPA Board members and CAPA staff.

Self-nomination by an individual is excluded.

Evaluation of Nominations

The Awards Committee will make a recommendation to the CAPA Board of Directors.