Awards Process


  1. The awards committee will review the criteria for all awards from the previous year and process. A member at large will be selected at this time if appropriate and the Past-President chair this committee.
  2. A call for Nominations for all 3 awards (listed above) will be sent to CAPA/PARSEC members from CAPA and a deadline  will be provided to send in submissions.
  3. Submissions will be addressed to CAPA ( CAPA staff will review the submissions to ensure they meet the criteria.
  4. The awards committee will vote on their 2 most preferred submissions for each award.
  5. The submissions with the most votes will be selected as the recipients.
  6. The awards committee will provide a recommendation to the CAPA Board of Directors regarding the award recipients.
  7. The Board of Directors will review the recommendation, as well as the nominations, at a Board meeting or via e-vote and approve or decline the award committee recommendations.
  8. CAPA staff will communicate with the candidates and nominators regarding the status of their nomination without revealing who was selected.
  9. The awards will be presented by CAPA and PARSEC during the annual conference (format to be decided).