You are invited to National PA day on November 27th, 2023


You are invited to National PA day on November 27th, 2023

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November 27, 2023, marks a significant day for healthcare professionals across Canada - National Physician Assistant (PA) Day. It's an occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of PAs to the healthcare system. PAs play a pivotal role in enhancing patient care, reducing wait times, and ensuring that Canadians in remote and underserved areas receive the medical attention they need. In this article, we'll explore the importance of National PA Day and discuss the numerous benefits of integrating physician assistants into the Canadian healthcare system. 

National PA Day: A Call for Support 

National PA Day is a day dedicated to recognizing the efforts and dedication of physician assistants in Canada. It's an opportunity for individuals, healthcare institutions, and the government to show their support for this vital profession. 

How You Can Participate: 

We invite you to acknowledge National PA Day by issuing a statement of support on your social media channels. Share the significance of PAs and the crucial role they play in the healthcare system. Use the hashtag #CanadaNeedsPAs on November 27 to show your support. Your support can go a long way in raising awareness and appreciation for this profession. 

Benefits of Integrating Physician Assistants in Canadian Healthcare 

Let's delve into the key advantages of integrating PAs into the Canadian healthcare system: 

  1. Reducing Wait Times

One of the most pressing issues in healthcare is the lengthy wait times patients endure. Integrating PAs into primary care teams helps to address this concern. PAs enable doctors to offer more same-day appointments, thus reducing the time patients spend in waiting rooms. In emergency rooms, PAs have demonstrated their value by helping overstretched doctors, fast-tracking less complex cases, and reducing critical benchmarks like the 'leave without being seen rate' and 'initial practitioner assessment time.' 

  1. Improving Access to Care in Rural and Remote Communities

Rural and remote communities often face the brunt of physician shortages, making access to healthcare a challenge. The addition of PAs can have an immediate and substantial impact in these areas. PAs can provide a range of services, including home, nursing home, and hospital visits, direct emergency and urgent care services, office procedures, after-hours consultations, and on-call services. This not only enhances access to care but also improves the continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions. 

  1. Enhancing Care for Seniors in Long-term Care

In long-term care facilities and residential care homes, integrating PAs can lead to significant improvements in patient care. PAs can spend more time with residents, conduct medication reviews, and identify those who may benefit from a reduced number of prescriptions. This can help reduce the number of hospital admissions, thereby enhancing the quality of care for seniors. 

  1. Gaining Efficiencies and Saving Money

Beyond improving patient care, the addition of PAs has the potential to save money in the healthcare system. According to the Conference Board of Canada, if PAs could relieve more than 30 percent of physicians' time in all practice areas, it could represent cost savings of up to $620 million for the healthcare system. This demonstrates the financial benefits of integrating PAs. 

Conference Board of Canada Report 

For those interested in a more in-depth look at the impact of physician assistants, the Conference Board of Canada has recently published a report titled "Unlocking Potential: Exploring Physician Assistant Funding Models and Impact Potential for Three Practice Settings." This report provides valuable insights into funding models and the potential impact of PAs in various healthcare settings. 

National PA Day in Canada is an excellent opportunity to recognize and support the critical role of physician assistants in our healthcare system. By integrating PAs into various healthcare settings, we can significantly reduce wait times, improve access to care in underserved areas, enhance care for seniors, and even save money. It's time to appreciate and support the PAs who contribute to making Canada a healthier nation. To learn more about the work of physician assistants in Canada, visit Together, we can help ensure that #CanadaNeedsPAs. 


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