Unveiling the Impact of Physician Assistants in Manitoba's Healthcare System


Unveiling the Impact of Physician Assistants in Manitoba's Healthcare System

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Image Source: Share Health Manitoba - https://sharedhealthmb.ca

Image source: Shared Health Manitoba 

In a recent article from Shared Health Manitoba, Carmen Konzelman and Leah Brezinski, both physician assistants in Manitoba, shed light on the pivotal role they play in the province's healthcare landscape. Carmen, working at Selkirk Regional Health Centre’s Emergency Department, emphasizes the collaborative and innovative environment that allows her to thrive and continuously expand her skills. As part of a team of nearly 150 physician assistants in Manitoba, Carmen and her colleagues alleviate pressures on physicians, offering timely and efficient healthcare services. 

Physician assistants in Manitoba, equipped with a two-year Master's degree, serve as generalists and can specialize in their careers. Konzelman, content in her role, highlights the diverse scenarios she encounters and the gratification of building connections with patients. Meanwhile, Leah Brezinski at Grace General Hospital’s Emergency Department in Winnipeg finds reward in the controlled chaos, witnessing the immediate impact of her work on patient conditions. 

Exposure to various medical perspectives is inherent in their roles, working closely with supervising physicians. Brezinski, contracted with nearly 30 physicians, values the multitude of approaches she learns, providing a unique opportunity for shared knowledge within the healthcare team. As awareness grows regarding the positive impact of physician assistants, Brezinski envisions limitless potential for their contributions to patient care, emphasizing their crucial role in ensuring timely access to healthcare. 

To delve deeper into the experiences and contributions of these physician assistants in Manitoba, you can read the full article here. 

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