Regulation of PAs in Ontario important step in health modernization


Regulation of PAs in Ontario important step in health modernization

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  Toronto, Ontario, 2021 — Today, in the Ontario Legislature, the Minister of Health, Christine Elliott introduced legislation, that once passed, will mean the start of regulating Ontario Physician Assistants under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.   This important initiative is a giant step forward to modernizing the PA model in the province and will help solidify the important role that PAs are playing in hospitals, emergency departments and in primary care settings. Enhancing the PA model and regulating PAs will improve patient care, encourage more team-based care and allow PAs to work to their full scope of practice.   Regulation also means that PAs in Ontario will be required to follow standards for competency, safety and ethics like other regulated health professionals in the province.   CAPA thanks the Government of Ontario for recognizing the importance of the PA profession, making regulation a priority, and for taking this vital step at a critical time when the health care system has been stretched to the limit.    CAPA looks forward to working with the CPSO and the province to move this important step forward so that we can unlock the full potential of PAs in Ontario.   PAs are advanced practice clinicians trained in the medical model and practice medicine with a degree of autonomy negotiated with supervising Physicians to provide primary, acute and specialty care in all types of settings. They diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medication, perform procedures, act as first assist in surgery, and much more. 

To see the proposed legislation, click here.

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