Message du Président

Dear CAPA members, 

It is well known that challenging times bring the possibility of change. Certainly, the past two years have challenged us all. Across Canada, Physician Assistants (PA) have risen to the challenge and proven their worth. It is my belief that we can use the lessons learned to broaden the integration of PAs.  

The pressures of an aging population and dealing with the pandemic have forced provinces and health authorities to examine how they offer care. PAs are well positioned to improve efficiencies. Your daily work serves as a testament of what PAs can do for Canadians. Meanwhile, the CAPA staff has been busy forging alliances in new areas to move the profession forward, by providing stakeholder feedback during the CMA Health Care Worker Crises Summit for example, or through meetings held with government to discuss how the profession can be expanded to increase capacity in the health care system. The Maritimes in particular, are starting to look at more ways to include PAs. Look for updates in the monthly News Bulletin.

Through the Annual Member Survey CAPA has also looked inwards to examine how we can improve our services for members. For example, a combined total of 86% of respondents felt neutral to somewhat/strongly agree that their “experiences and perspectives are represented at CAPA”.  While this is encouraging that CAPA for the most part is on track representing members, we will aim to improve member experiences and perspectives. You also told us where to focus our updates (job opportunities, issues and trends), along with which member benefits you would like to use more (hotel, travel and medical attire/supplies). Thank you to everyone who participated. Your excellent responses give us an accurate picture of where to focus our efforts.

Every day that you compassionately provide patient care you are advancing the profession. Each patient encounter offers a chance to leave a positive impression and promote PAs. In addition, I ask each of you to look for a way to get involved. Write your MLA. Tell your neighbor about the PA profession. Consider joining the Board of Directors. There is a tremendous depth of skills and experience among our members. Please think of ways to get involved in making us stronger.

As a reminder it is time to renew your annual membership. We have been fortunate to count you as a member of CAPA and it is our hope that you will renew to support your profession and take full advantage of all the benefits available to you.

Above all look, look after yourself and your friends and families. Pay attention to the mental and physical health of yourself and those around you. It is possible to be a resource for others while accepting support.

While we are waiting for the opportunity to meet in person, I would welcome the chance to hear from you if I can be of assistance.


Kevin Dickson MMM, CD, MPAS, CCPA