Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018

CAPA’s Strategic Plan identifies the organization’s priorities for 2015-18. This document will help to guide the association into the next phase of development and in advancing the PA profession across Canada.


2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan Summary Chart

Vision: PAs are an integral part of a strong and sustainable Canadian health care system.
Mission: Facilitating improved access to health care for Canadians through quality standards and competencies for Physician Assistants and establishing the profession within the national health care framework.
Strategic Priorities: CAPA sustainability PA funding models Education and awareness of the PA profession Government advocacy leading to integration of PA’s into the health care framework
Goals: Balanced or surplus budget by 2018 Develop appropriate funding models and work with stakeholders to attain them Establish and grow reputation of the PA profession Integrate PAs into the health care system in all provinces and territories



Efficient CAPA by establishing and achieving annual expense targets In consultation with Funding Committee, develop preferred funding models for the PA profession Empower membership to promote education and awareness through distribution of communications materials Introduce the PA profession into one new province or territory
Achieve revenue-neutral (or better) programming by 2017 Develop tool for various stakeholders to consider when pursuing their funding models Create a national public facing campaign that promotes the PA profession Initiate legislation/regulation to allow PAs to practice in one province or territory
Develop new, enhanced and ongoing revenue sources to contribute to a balanced budget Demonstrate through evidence and research the value of Physician Assistants (cost effectiveness, qualitative, quantitative) Promote the PA profession to allied health professionals through distribution of communications and presentations Establish CAPA as the National Advisory group for provincial governments