President’s Message

Dear CAPA members,

I would like to take this opportunity to say how very honoured I am to be your newly elected National President. I humbly accept the many challenges ahead and I am ready to continue the great work that CAPA has accomplished since our association’s inception 18 years ago. CAPA has always lived by the credo “by PAs for PAs,” and like my predecessors, I intend to continue in the same manner.

With the recent release of the last of four Conference Board of Canada reports, and the first comprehensive study on the Value of Physician Assistants in Canadian Healthcare, momentum is at an all-time high. As a result, I’m very excited to say the reports combined with other ongoing CAPA initiatives are yielding opportunities on many fronts for our association. CAPA intends to build on this momentum and renew our engagement with communities, municipalities and all levels of government in not only creating awareness of PAs, but also to initiate action. Regulation of the profession in all provinces and territories and the establishment of comprehensive funding models continues to be our priority. Through advocacy we know we can achieve results. But we cannot do it alone. As your President and fellow PA colleague I would encourage you to stray outside your comfort zone. Take time to write your local paper, reach out to your political representative(s) and constantly tout the benefits that you can offer to patients in improving the level of care for all Canadians.

A word on opposition… There will be opposition. It happens for many reasons and I realize it’s frustrating and if not immediately addressed, can stifle progress. However, it’s the cost of growing our profession. It’s certainly alright to feel discouraged, but we cannot let that negate all the positive work that each and every one you bring to your workplaces daily. My responsibility is to find and engage those who will listen to our cause, I will do my utmost to ensure I take every opportunity to do so as your President.

This is an exciting time for PAs in Canada and I am really looking forward to what the next few years will bring. We are very fortunate to have a committed staff, dedicated Board of Directors and ambitious membership. Working together I see us accomplishing great things for the profession in Canada and I am thrilled to be representing PAs across Canada.

Trevor Stone, CD, CCPA
National President.