Terms and Conditions


Minimum requirements for each membership category:

• A Regular Member has successfully completed a Physician Assistant Program approved by the Physician Assistant Certification Council of Canada which will include CMA and ARC-PA programs, and employed in Canada or for a Canadian Agency.

• A Student Member is hereby defined as a student who is enrolled in an accredited Physician Assistant Education program recognized by the Physician Assistant Certification Council of Canada .

• An International Physician Assistant is a person who has graduated from an accredited physician assistant program outside of Canada, approved by the Physician Assistant Certification Council of Canada and who is not a Canadian resident.

• A Physician Member is a physician who is licensed to practice in Canada who wishes to associate with CAPA.

• An Allied Health Care Member s a person who has graduated from an approved or accredited health care profession program other than that of a Physician Assistant or Physician.

• An Honorary Member shall be a person who has rendered distinguished service to the physician assistant profession and/or CAPA.

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Rates are effective as of 1 November 2006. All prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to Ontario HST.

If the web ad is to be produced by CAPA there will be an extra charge and will be quoted on a per job basis.

Career advertisements must comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code, which prohibits discriminatory employment advertising.

Advertisements must be submitted in a PDF or Word file format. Images must be submitted in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF 300 dpi (images only, no text). Source files MUST be included for all images.

Advertiser is responsible for the content, services and products advertised.

CAPA reserves the right to decline, withdraw or modify advertisements in its sole discretion.


CAPA Annual Conference can be attended by any member of the general public.


In order to qualify to write the Physician Assistant Entry to practice certification examination (PA Cert Exam) all candidates must be a:

• Member of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA);
To establish eligibility to challenge the PA Cert Exam all candidates must meet one or more of the following:

• Graduate of the Canadian Forces Medical Services School (CFMSS) PA Program prior to 2004 (This eligibility will remain valid until and including the 2014 exam. Requires validation of successful completion from the CFMSS PA Program. Proof of clinical practice within 5 years of the examination date supported by the supervising physician indicating the applicant has been in clinical practice.)

• Graduate of a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) accredited PA program (Requires validation of successful completion of a CMA accredited PA program.) and/or

• Graduate of an Accreditation Review Commission (ARC) program and certified by the National Commission of Certification for Physician Assistant (NCCPA) (Requires validation of successful completion of an ARC accredited US PA program and proof of current NCCPA membership. NCCPA member number must be included on the registration form.)