New study identifies factors that support and restrict Ontario’s use of PAs

In a new open-access study published in BMC Health Services Research author Dr. Kristen Burrows et al. explore the integration of PAs across multiple health settings and aim to help policy makers understand the role of PAs in complex adaptive systems.

Ontario introduced PAs in 2006 to address wait times, improve access to and continuity of care, and add a flexible resource to the workforce. But misaligned policies around reimbursement and incentives are resulting in diverging interests among physicians and PAs.

“PAs are playing a vital role in the delivery and support of healthcare within a multitude of settings as adaptable and collaborative team members focused on person-centered care. As the PA profession continues to expand into new jurisdictions, findings from this study help fill existing knowledge and practice gaps regarding the role of PAs. Documenting the central role of PAs will continue to inform the design and dissemination of research in order to optimize health care system efficiencies though PA integration.”