Support For PAs During HESA’s COVID-19 Briefing

Dr. Alan Drummond, a Perth emergency physician and Co-Chair of the Public Affairs Committee for the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, is well-known for his advocacy in health care. He speaks passionately about violence in the emergency department, gun control, and the challenges in rural medicine.

He is also a long-time champion of PAs and recently spoke about the need to remove regulatory barriers for both PAs and community paramedics in testimony delivered to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) during its April 7 Briefing on Canada’s Response to the Outbreak of the Coronavirus

When asked about the restructuring of health care and current limitations, Dr. Drummond specifically described PAs as a workforce that is able to help, but facing restrictions that limit our contributions.

You can listen Dr. Drummond’s clip about PAs here, and listen to the full briefing here on ParlVu.