Remote Learning Resources and COVID-19 Content from AccessMedicine

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak McGraw-Hill has created new content to help support students, faculty, and residents.

“COVID-19 Central” on AccessMedicine

COVID-19 Central” is hosted on AccessMedicine and free to use (no subscription to the medical platform to access this content).

“COVID-19 Central” will be a source of weekly updated developments and analysis in clinical medicine, public health, and industry and will be aimed at healthcare professionals, trainees, students, and librarians.  It will be open to all, regardless of Access subscription status. It will have daily contributions and resources from across the McGraw-Hill author and specialist professional community. As you may be aware, Dr Anthony Fauci is the leading spokesperson to the US government on COVID-19 and is also one of the editors of Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine.

Distance Learning by Using AccessMedicine

A distance learning toolkit is available to help support students, faculty, and residents. With face-to-face classes now suspended, the resources listed below will serve as useful guides in making a shift from in-person to virtual classrooms. These may be shared freely with faculty, learners, and staff.

  1. Using Access to Support Distance Learning
  2. Guide to Online Resources via AccessMedicine
  3. AccessMedicine video overview of resources for distance learning
  4. AccessMedicine video overview of functionality which can enhance distance learning
  5. AccessMedicine distance learning LibGuide

In addition to these resources, there are also content maps available online. Content maps are documents that take curriculum standards from the various professional healthcare education specialties (i.e., undergraduate medical education, advanced practice nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, etc. . . ) and match them with resources available to meet those standards from Access sites.