Announcing Physician Assistants for Research, Scholarship and Education in Canada (PARSEC)

Recently, the Canadian Physician Assistant Educator Association (CPAEA) has undergone a name change and is now known as Physician Assistants, for Research, Scholarship & Education in Canada (PARSEC).

The change comes as the organization expands its work beyond supporting PA education. PARSEC supports PA research, scholarship and education across Canada, and is committed to fostering collaboration and a community of practice among PAs. Read more in the official announcement from PARSEC below or visit their website.

Physician Assistants for Research, Scholarship, Education in Canada (PARSEC)

PARSEC is an association of individuals with a shared vision and commitment to Canadian PA research, scholarship, and education. For many years, the Canadian Physician Assistant Educator Association (CPAEA) supported PA education. Given the growth of the profession across Canada, we recognized a need to renew.

The term “parsec” is a unit of measurement in astronomy that considers the time and future location of an object.

PARSEC reflects that how we practice, how we learn, and how we educate PAs is in constant motion and
must consider future outcomes and interests as the profession moves forward.

PARSEC Objectives:

  1. Support PA research, scholarship and education in Canada.
  2. Encourage collaboration and a community of practice among PAs.
  3. Advocate for high quality PA educational standards and continuing professional development opportunities.
  4. Foster the professional and academic development of the Canadian PA profession.

Proposed Activities of PARSEC:

  1. To support an annual University based PA Research Workshop (alternates between educational sites) that helps establish a foundation of research and garners research interest in the PA profession.
  2. To support a forum for the presentation and dissemination of PA research to foster a community of practice.
  3. To support the developing of academic scholarship and promotion of educational standards to ensure the ongoing quality of Canadian PA education.


Funding for this non-profit association is dependent on donations and member support. Membership is open to any interested individual or organization. Contributions can be made directly to PARSEC or through CAPA.