CAPA Submissions on Reforming B.C.’s Regulatory Framework For Health Care Professionals

The Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA) has responded to consultation opportunities on the British Columbia Ministry of Health’s efforts to modernize the provincial health profession regulatory framework.

Cayton Report

In June 2019, the Government released and consulted on the Cayton Report, which outlined significant change to the regulatory framework for health care professionals, including amalgamation of some colleges and a better structure for government oversight.

Read CAPA’s submission. You can also read the overview of themes, based on all submissions the government received.

New Consultation Paper

In December, the Government posted “Modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework: A paper for consultation. This presented another engagement opportunity for CAPA and we have provided our input on some of the proposed reforms.

Notably, one reform includes the potential to regulate new professions under existing colleges. Given that this is our preferred model, where PAs are successfully regulated under provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, we were able to share our insight on this approach.

Read our full submission here.

CAPA continues to strongly advocate for the introduction and regulation of PAs in British Columbia, to help improve patient access to timely care and ease the overwhelming burden on physicians across the province.