Join Us in Recognizing our Doctors!

May 1 is Doctors Day in Ontario and in Nova Scotia. It is a day for celebrating physicians and the contributions that they make every day to the health care system. Doctors across Canada treat hundreds of thousands of patients per day in each province, and these interactions are the foundation of our health system. Whether at a clinic, in a hospital, long-term care facility, or the patient’s home, doctors work hard to make sure patients get the quality care they need. The Canadian Association of Physician Assistants would like to ask you to join us in celebrating both Ontario and Nova Scotia doctors on this momentous occasion for the positive impact that they have had on the lives of others. Physician Assistants (PA) work in partnership with physicians and have the opportunity to see first-hand the benefits that these health professionals bring to the health system. On behalf of Canadian PAs, CAPA would like to formally acknowledge May 1 as Doctors Day in Ontario and Nova Scotia and to thank the physicians across Canada for the difference that they are making to the health care system.